I believe we all have the capacity for inner growth. I believe each one of us is able to find a positive resolution to our problems and to lift ourselves out of our difficulties. Each one of us can enjoy a rich, fulfilling, and meaningful life. It is my personal goal to help people find and live from their strengths.


Human beings are creatures of habit, and sometimes these habits can get in our way. When we have become stuck in old, dysfunctional patterns of feeling, thinking, and behaving, counseling can be enormously helpful. Part of the counseling process is to discover functional options, to integrate this new behavior, and to develop habits that nourish us. Counseling provides the supportive environment to explore, initiate, and work through the process of personal growth.


Most of my work is deliberate, conscious, and goal-oriented—what’s known in the field as a cognitive-behavioral process. I take a holistic view of the individual—your physical health, exercise, and eating habits; your dreams and fantasies; your general lifestyle and life situation; what creates stress for you; what brings you joy.



July 13, 2024

Jim generously shares his humor and wisdom with compassion and respect. He creates a nurturing environment that encourages honesty, healing, and learning. Jim has supported me to accept my whole self, to connect with the good person I know myself to be, and to commit to choosing the life I want to live.

Mother and part-time student, Seattle


It’s has been great to work with Jim. He has a knack for cutting through noise and clutter to get to the heart of a matter—and then addressing whatever it is directly but with compassion. With those parts of myself I don’t like to look at, he’s been great at helping me see them and understand why they’re there. I’m making better choices now and becoming more fully the person I truly am.

—Urban planner, Seattle



Ever since moving to a new city, I'd been wanting to find a therapist, but my work schedule was so hectic that I never had the time to either make an appointment or get to one. When Jim was recommended to me as someone who could offer counseling over the phone, I finally had an option I could work with! We clicked immediately. I was surprised to find that I felt even more comfortable opening up over the phone than I normally do face-to-face. From the very start, Jim was engaged, thoughtful, and caring, and I was able to spill my thoughts to him!



—Documentary Filmmaker, New York City



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